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How To Groom A Dog Between Appointments

How To Groom A Dog Between Appointments

We love to see our dogs well groomed. But it can get a bit messy between appointments. Especially if the breed of your dog has long and thick coats. In that case you will have to put in some extra effort in between appointment to keep your dog looking clean and presentable. But it doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Here are some easy and foolproof tips on how to groom a dog.

How to groom a dog

There are some simple and easy tricks that can help your dog to look fresh even between appointments. If your country is currently in lockdown, dog salons might not even be working. But thankfully, you can still take these easy steps to groom your dog at home.

Clean With Waterless Shampoo

Waterless shampoo is a great option if you can’t give your dog a bathe or if you have a senior dog that doesn’t enjoy bathing. Or maybe it’s extremely cold where you live and you don’t want your pup to catch a cold. Pump a good amount of the shampoo into the palm of your hand and rub it into their coat. After you’ve gone through the entire coat let it air dry for a bit. Lastly, take a brush and brush the residue out.

Trim the Paws and Pads

This will take some practice especially if your dog isn’t too thrilled about having it’s paws touched. Try using good scissors or in best case special dog trimmers. That way you won’t have to worry about cutting them. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! Start slowly and make sure that your dog is calm. Cut the excess fur around the paws making sure you don’t hurt your dog.

Clean Up the Feathers

Clean up the edges of your dog feathers on their front legs to make them look even more tidy. These extra hairs can grow ridiculously fast and by cutting them in between appointments will make sure your dog still looks groomed. Use good quality scissors and make sure your pup is standing still.

Try Applying Conditioning Spray

If you want to increase the shine and softness of your golden retriever’s coat even more, try using conditioning sprays! If you use one that is rich in primrose oil, it can even soothe their skin and help with flakiness. Condition sprays will even add extra shine to your dog’s hair.

Clean Their Ears

We have a detailed guide on how to clean dog ears. You can read it here. Cleaning the ears won’t only make your dog appear more groomed, but it’s also a necessary step to be done from time to time.

Brushing Their Teeth

We also have a full guide on a dog’s oral hygiene. You can read it here. Again, this step won’t only make your dog look clean, but it’s also an important step in their overall health. By neglecting their oral health your dog might develop gum infections.

Give Them a Bathe

If your unsure as to how bath your dog correctly, read our guide here. There are different steps to consider when giving your dog a bathe. Make sure you aren’t getting any water in their nose or ears. Use clean and lukewarm water. And always dry their coat properly to avoid hot spots!