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How To Include Your Golden Retriever At Your Wedding

How To Include Your Golden Retriever At Your Wedding

If you’re about to share your life with another person – one thing is for sure: You are bringing your golden retriever with you! Because you two are a duo – never one without the other. So how can you include your beloved golden into your wedding ceremony without it being a complete mess?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Have Realistic Expectations

If your dog has crowd anxiety or isn’t the most social – don’t put too much pressure on him/her to live up to your unrealistically high and ideal expectations of that day. Not everything will go as planned and there is nothing to do about that.

  1. Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Photos

Your golden retriever can be an adorable part of your wedding photos and can make them so much more precious. You can look up fun ideas on Pinterest, but always make sure that the photographer has experience with animals.

  1. Make Sure That Your Guests Are Comfortable Around Dogs

Make sure your human friends and family are aware of your plans to include your dog into the ceremony. As much as we love them, others are simply scared of dogs or have allergies. So be aware of your guests special needs.

  1. Hire a Wedding Day Sitter For Your Dog

The bride has a maid of honor, the groom has a best man. Your dog needs the same kind of backup if they’re going to be part of the big day!
Someone who will keep your dog calm, comfortable, and will make that day a fun and joyful one. You’ll be in too much stress to give your dog that extra attention, so make sure that someone else does.