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How To Keep Your Dog Safe During The Winter

How To Keep Your Dog Safe During The Winter

Winter and low temperatures are usualy enemy of the dogs.

They like to walk and go outside often, but during the winter, sometimes that is not possible, so here are few tips how to keep your dog safe during the winter.

Distract your dog from the noise by switching on the TV or radio.

Make a cosy denfor your dog to retreat to if they’re anxious.

Behave normally to show your dog there’s nothing to worry about.

Check your home and garden are secure. Don’t force your dog to go outside.

Top up their water bowl. Anxoius dogs pant more and can get very thirsty.

Draw the curtains to block out flashes of light and to muffle the noise.

Check your dog’s ID tag and ensure chip details are up to date. This can help them be returned quickly if they go missing.