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How To Keep Your Golden Retriever Safe During A Road Trip

How To Keep Your Golden Retriever Safe During A Road Trip

The holiday season is coming up and many of us will have to go through long car rides to safely come home for the holidays and visit some family.

As unpleasant as it is for us to stay in the car for hours, for our dogs it can get even worse. Especially if they usually don’t really enjoy them.

We prepared some tips to make it easier and fun for both, you and your dog!

Things to pack

Make sure to be prepared to handle any kind of messes and provide your dog with everything they’ll might need during your journey.

Here are some essentials you need to make sure to bring with you:

A bowl, water, treats
A safety harness, crate, or barrier
Seat covers
Paper towels, stain and odor remover
Plenty of poop bags

Tips for a pleasant trip

Make sure to bring your dogs usual food to the trip so a sudden switch does not irritate their stomach which is definitely not the thing you want to experience on a long car ride. Also make sure to bring some of their favorite toys and blanket with you, to comfort them.

Tips on safety

Keep dogs out of the front seat, and definitely out of your lap. They distract you and cause an accident, but small pups can be killed by a deployed air bag.

Don’t let your dog ride in the back of an open truck or hang their head out the window. It’s too easy for a dog to jump or fall out of a truck bed. Even sniffing the breeze from an open window can lead to a vet visit if a pebble or something from the road is kicked up into your dog’s eye.