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How To Know Your Golden Retriever Trusts You

How To Know Your Golden Retriever Trusts You

The trust you feel towards your beloved golden retriever dog isn’t any different than the trust you feel toward any other family member. But how to know if the feeling is mutual? Here are some tips.

  1. He Maintains Eye Contact with You

Scientists have confirmed that the reward center in a dog’s brain activates when looking into the eyes of its owner. If your dog has a relaxed posture while looking straight into your eyes – it means he is feeling trust and a deep connection to you.

  1. They Have A Confident Body Posture

If his body posture remains relaxed when you are in his presence – you are lucky enough that your dog finds you trustworthy.

  1. He Shows You His Belly

Your dog’s belly is the most vulnerable part of his body. So a dog that trusts his or her owner will roll over on command for a nice belly rub.

  1. They Sleep Near You

If your dog loves to sleep by your side or even in the same room as you do, know that they choose to rest with someone they will safe with, because they are – just like us, the most vulnerable when they sleep.

  1. Your Dog Wants to Spend Time with You

The final sign that your dog finds you trustworthy is that he or she wants to spend as much time with you as possible. If he jumps to you as soon as you come home, know that you take up a special place in their hearts.