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How to prevent cancer in dogs

How to prevent cancer in dogs

Cancer is sadly the leading cause of death in dogs. The majority of cancers have a genetic basis, so there’s unfortunately not much owners can do to avoid it in their dogs. However, there are certain choices you can make to minimize the risk of your pup developing it.

Golden retrievers are particularly prone to certain kinds of cancer, there are ways to help avoid a heartbreaking diagnosis down the line.

Firstly, according to the AKC you should work with a responsible, registered breeder who has paid attention to cancer in their lineage and worked to exclude it.

Another thing you should pay attention to and think about is spaying and neutering. A recent study indicates that spaying or neutering a puppy before sexual maturity can increase the risk of developing certain cancers. Spay-neuter could increase Golden Retrievers’ likelihood of developing certain cancers by up to three or four times.

Keep in mind, it’s not as simple as just avoiding spay-neuter, or putting it off. It varies from dog to dog.


The most important thing you can do to help keep your dog fit, healthy, and cancer-free for as long as possible is to manage their weight.

“There’s some potential correlation between being overweight and certain types of cancers in dogs,” board-certified veterinary nutritionist Lisa Weeth says. “Some benign types of tumors that dogs get, like lipomas, can occur more frequently in dogs that are overweight.”

To get more information on how to prevent cancer in your dog please visit American Kennel Club or click HERE.