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How to prevent having a fearful dog?

How to prevent having a fearful dog?

Let us immediately mention that here we mean the golden retriever who is scared of any man or woman. Of course, we all want a cute pet that will eventually make us get along with him so much that you will treat him like a family member. However, with a weak and inadequate approach, you can easily get into a situation where your dog is distrustful, fearful and you are never sure how he will react to the presence of a human.

The approach is very simple: a dog in every contact with the owner must have the impression that reaching the master is always something pleasant for him.

What is a fearful dog?

The rule you have to follow is: never punish a dog the moment it comes to you. Therefore, any situation of your pet coming to you must not be associated with negative consequences for the dog. These are common mistakes, but they have a strong influence on the dog’s psyche and largely define his further behavior.

Whether it is a raised tone, an angry gesture or some other reaction of yours, the dog will very well remember that coming to his master caused a negative experience. Even when he does something bad don’t call the dog to scold him. The next time he sees your raised hand, the dog will either run away from you or gather and curl up under your feet. If you often have a conflict with the dog, very soon the dog will get into the habit of being “afraid of the hand”. It is especially bad to confuse a dog by stroking and praising it with the same hand and sometimes scolding and scolding it. Negative thoughts stay in the memory longer and the dog will decide to run away from the hand rather than approach it with approval.

A scary dog in the woods with a man

Always train your dog to get used to pleasant and positive activities. For example: you are trying to teach a puppy to come to you on command. You try for a long time without success, but without success. The moment the dog, even if it comes to you by chance, immediately praise and have mercy on him with a confident voice. Very soon the dog on each of your arrival commands will come to you almost immediately.


Working with a puppy

Working with a puppy is very easy no matter how naughty the puppies seem. They are in fact still children and you cannot take for evil that they are curious. During that period, they easily adopt everything they learn, and that is the main advantage you get if you decide for a young puppy instead of a formed dog.

Teach him that his stay with you is always a positive experience and you will have a wonderful and obedient pet. The least you want is for the dog to lie down and curl up in fear at a slight jerk of his hand.

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