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How to protect yourself from a puppy scammer!

How to protect yourself from a puppy scammer!

Knowing how to spot and protect yourself from puppy scammers online is very important. Just like we’ve already stated in our article titled „How to spot a puppy scam online“ nearly 10,000 scam reports and complaints have come in just during the last three years! However, it’s estimated that only about 10 percent of victims actually report these crimes, so this number could be much, much higher.

So how do you propperly protect yourself from scammers?

First of all, do your research! Analyze reviews and referrals. 

A reliable breeder must have ample positive reviews or referrals from satisfied puppy owners proving they are legitimate and reputable.

Another important step in protecting yourself from scams is actually meeting your breeder or puppy seller. 

Never trust a breeder who only talks via e-mail! Always ask to talk on the phone or video chat, and meeting in person at least once before getting your puppy is the best option. That way you will be sure the breeder is a trusty person.

Don’t let them rush you. 

Another red flag is if they rush you to complete the sale or get your deposit as soon as possible, or if you feel like they are pushing you to make a quick decision regarding a puppy. Be very, very careful.

Ask for proof about your puppies parents. 

Keep in mind that responsible and reputable breeders will be happy to share information about your puppy’s parents, and proof of health records and screenings.

Asking questions is crucial too. 

Responsible breeders and puppy sellers love to chat and educate about dogs. Ask anything and everything that you might want to know about the breed, the breeder, and the available puppies

Getting all the necessary documents. 

Make sure that before you leave with your new puppy you are given documentation of your dog’s papers. The words “American Kennel Club” as well as the AKC logo should be clearly visible. If the breeder or puppy seller hesitates to give you papers, this is usually a warning sign.