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How to stop your dog from begging for food

How to stop your dog from begging for food

Begging for food is definitely on the top of the list of most common dog behavior problems. But don’t worry, it can be fixed, but only if the whole family is on board! So no more secretly handing out scraps under the table. This is going to be a huge hurdle in getting the desired outcome. In this article, we will explain how to stop your dog from begging for food. To achieve this will require discipline not only from your dog but also from you and the rest of your household members.

To teach your dog not to beg, you must teach them that your food is ALWAYS off-limits. They must keep out of your personal space while your eating. And that they will get rewards later if she doesn’t beg now.

So, How To Stop Your Dog From Begging For Food?

NEVER give human food

Even if your dog eats veggies, eggs, meat, or other human food as part of her normal diet, be very careful to feed your dog at different times and in her own bowl so that she learns that when you are eating these things, she won’t get to.

Restrict Space

Your dog should not be allowed in the kitchen while you are preparing food or in the dining room when you are eating. Instead, tell your dog to go to her own space while you are eating. Give your dog a good chew toy, food dispensing toy, or a good treat to occupy her while you eat.


Never give handouts or let your friends give handouts, and NEVER allow your dog to stare at you or be underfoot while you eat. If your dog always goes to her own space while you are preparing food and eating, she won’t have any chance to beg.