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How To Stop Your Golden Retriever Puppy From Biting

How To Stop Your Golden Retriever Puppy From Biting

Biting is in no way unusual behavior for our sweet puppies. They will do it especially much when their teeth are growing, because in that way they are able to soothe the uncomfortableness of it.

By time they will learn to control their impulses to bite anything that comes even close to their mouth, but how can we speed up that process?

Here are a few tips:

  • Keep your puppy with it’s mother for as long as possible. Don’t separate your pup too soon from it’s family. Give it at least eight weeks, so that they can learn some social skills like bite inhibition.
  • Always voice out your disapproval, but don’t be aggressive. If your puppy is biting too hard try a high-pitched yelp to let it know that you are hurt.
  • Make sure your puppy has enough tots and other items to chew on. If your puppy starts biting you, try redirecting it’s attention to the chew toys.
  • If your puppy is still biting you while playing try ignoring it after that. Refuse to engage with the pup so that he’ll know that you won’t be playing with it if he continues to painfully bite you during it. You can leave the puppy alone in the area for a few minutes so that the pup knows it did something wrong, but always make sure that it’s in a safe place.