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How to take care of your Golden retriever puppy: A guide for new dog parents

How to take care of your Golden retriever puppy: A guide for new dog parents

After weeks of waiting your new Golden retriever puppy is finally in your home! After the first excitement you realize, this is the first puppy you’re taking care of. Maybe you don’t even know how to properly take care of this living breathing creature. You start to panic! Wait! Calm down and breathe. Being a first-time dog parent can be nerve-wracking but we have all the tips you need to know to take good care of the new member of your family.

Feeding schedule

How much should you feed your puppy and how often? First, you should definitely check with your vet for the best advice for your puppy.

You also need to know that as a puppy grows up, the nutritional needs also change, as does the feeding schedule.

This is just an estimate on how often and how much you should feed your pup, like we’ve mentioned your vet will give you the most accurate information.

  • Puppies between 8-12 weeks of age need four meals per day
  • Pups between the ages of 3-6 months need to be fed thrice a day
  • Puppies aged 6 months to 1 year will need two meals a day
  • Dogs older than one require just one meal a day

High quality food

Just like you take care of your body and pay attention to what you eat, you should do the same with your dog.

So you should always:

  1. Feed your dog high-quality foods that have a good amount of meat in it
  2. Try to home cook your dog’s food with high-quality ingredients
  3. Do not feed too much “people food” to your furry friend!
  4. Monitor your dog’s caloric intake

A good vet goes a long way

Look for a friendly and knowledgeable vet who you will like and trusts to help your dog fight off diseases, get vaccines, and health check ups.

Worms, Ticks, and Fleas

Parasite prevention is essential when you have a dog. So, de-worm your dog as often as your vet recommends, and just know that ticks and fleas are inevitable when you have dogs. Buy good flea preventative treatments and regularly check your dog for ticks.


You’d be surprised how much exercise your dog really needs. So forget lazy days indoors, because daily physical activity is crucial for your Golden retriever’s health. You should incorporate at least one long walk (at least an hour) a day in order to ensure your dog’s mental and physical well being.


Last subject but just as important as our other points is grooming. And by grooming we don’t only mean bathing your Golden retriever puppy.

Grooming your dogs helps keep them fresh, clean, and free of ticks and fleas. You have to brush your dog daily or once every two days to avoid shedding. Another thing you need to pay attention to is brushing your dog’s teeth to avoid dental problems. Don’t forget to clip or grind your dog’s nails twice a month. And also bathe your furry friend once a month for a happy dog!