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How to take care of your Golden retrievers as they age

How to take care of your Golden retrievers as they age

Taking care of a Golden retriever is in itself a pretty demanding task. They require a lot of attention, teaching and time. But when your Golden gets older it will requires even more care from you.

Seeing your beloved Golden age is quite difficult for many dog owners, however, it’s, unfortunately, an unavoidable part of life.

It’s clear that older dogs have very different care needs from younger dogs. They also face many other challenges like having less energy, they are in pain more and become more vulnerable to diseases and infections.

So how do you care for an older Golden?

One thing is for sure, certain lifestyle changes will have to happen as your dog is getting older. Your pet might also need specialized care, so making lifestyle adjustments is necessary too.

Keeping your Golden healthy

Vet check-ups

If you have an older Golden you should visit the vet at least twice a year for a check-up. However, in between your twice-yearly check-ups, stay alert for any changes in your Goldie such as weight loss or gain, loss of appetite, increased thirst, or difficulty moving around.


Bathing your Golden Retriever keeps them clean and healthy. However, you might want to bring your dog to a groomer where they won’t have to deal with a bathtub.

Remember to brush your Golden on a regular basis. This will promote a healthy coat and skin as well as act as a massage, relieving pressure. It also allows you to monitor any unusual lumps or bumps.

Extra tip: Make sure you brush gently as skin is more sensitive on an older dog!


Despite your Goldens age they still need enough exercise. Golden Retrievers are prone to obesity which can lead to more serious medical conditions.

You should take your Goldie on daily walks with two 15 to 20 minute periods of exercise per day.

Swimming is excellent exercise for older Golden Retrievers, especially those with joint conditions or arthritis.

Loss of sight

If you notice your Golden is slowly losing his sight or has already lost his sight, keep your furniture, his feed and drinking bowls and his bed in the same familiar places so he doesn’t become disoriented.


As your Golden ages it may find it hard to climb up steps and stairs or into the car, so consider getting your dog a ramp. This will make their life definitely easier.

Give them love

Golden Retrievers are such amazing and loving pets. They make a wonderful addition to any family, bringing much happiness, companionship and joy, so when your dog ages try to make his final days as happy as you can, giving him plenty of love. Just like he gave you.