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How to tell if your dog’s poop is healthy

How to tell if your dog’s poop is healthy

You can determine the health of your dog by the way his/her poop looks like! There’s a certain shape, size, content, color, and consistency a dog’s poop should be, otherwise, it could mean your dog has internal problems.

For example watery stools may indicate an intestinal problem, while small pellet-like poops can mean your dog is dehydrated. 

Color is important too. For example orange/yellow poop is problematic because it is possibly caused by biliary or liver problem. Green can possibly be caused by a gall bladder issue or eating grass and gray or greasy can be caused by a pancreas or biliary problem.

So what’s a perfect poop? It should be brown, solid but a bit squishy, in one log-like piece, and sized proportionate to the amount of food your dog ate.