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How To Tell If Your Golden Retriever Is Going Blind?

How To Tell If Your Golden Retriever Is Going Blind?

With age, chronic or acute diseases your dog’s eyesight can worsen or he can even become completely blind. But how to recognize in time that your beloved golden retriever is having trouble seeing?

Here are some tips, but always know that you can’t use them as a way to skip your dog’s regular eye checkups at the vet.

First of all, take a good look at your dog’s eyes in a well lit room. Some things to look out for include any cloudiness or fuzzy looking spots on the eyes.

Shining a gentle light across your dog’s eyes, also check it their pupils will react.

Another way to check their eyesight is to carry out a reflex test. Hold your open hand 18 inches away from your dog’s eyes. Quickly move your hand towards the dog being careful not to get too close, or move your hand fast enough to cause an air current, and check whether your dog blinks or not.

Also if you ever notice your dog bumping into furniture or struggling to walk around without seeming to be all clumsy, know that can also be an indication that their sight is deteriorating.