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How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Finally Stop Biting

How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Finally Stop Biting

You finally got your Golden Retriever, he is now a member of your family and you love him or her to pieces, however, there is one problem you’ve encountered that you just don’t know how to solve.

Your precious baby just won’t stop biting and you don’t know what to do! We have a few tips and tricks for you, if you follow them success is guaranteed! So let’s dive right in!

First things first, you will have to take a number of steps to prevent your Golden from biting in the first place plus you will have to find a productive way to channel his energy. Another important step for you will be to look at the underlying cause of the biting and tackle exactly that.

And the last factor you need to take into consideration is if your Golden Retriever is still a puppy you could see results in just a couple of weeks. However, if he’s older and the biting habit has been years in the making, then you may need several months to finally make him stop. It’s important that you do not give up on your pup!

While there are many effective methods on how to stop your Golden from biting these two are, according to experts, the best ones.

The Socialization Method Effective

STEP 1 – Obedience classes

Take him to obedience classes from an early age. This is the perfect place for him to learn how to interact with other dogs and people in a controlled way. The obedience commands he learns will also increase your control.

STEP 2 – A person a day

Try to introduce him to a new person each day. This is particularly important if he is a puppy. Meeting lots of new people will build his confidence, which could prevent biting out of fear.

STEP 3 – Positioning

When you do meet new people, position yourself between the person and your Golden Retriever. If you are in front, it is your job to protect him. If he is in front, he will feel obliged to protect you and may be more likely to bite.

STEP 4 – Reward

Make sure he gets a tasty reward and some verbal praise whenever he plays gently and is well behaved when he meets people. Positive reinforcement is often the most effective way to teach Golden Retrievers.

STEP 5 – Muzzle

Until his biting is under control, you may want to consider fitting him in a muzzle, especially when you are out in public. This will prevent any injury from happening while training is ongoing.

The Distraction Method Effective

STEP 1 – Exercise

Make sure he gets plenty of exercises each day. Golden Retrievers need a good run around because they are relatively big dogs. His biting may be a result of pent up energy. So, give him a long walk or throw a ball for him as you go. A tired dog is a passive dog.

STEP 2 – Tug of war

Try and direct his biting energy into a few minutes of play each day. Find a chewy toy and play tug of war with it. This will help teach him where and when the appropriate time for biting is.

STEP 3 – Gentle play

Spend a few minutes each day playing gently with him too. Stroke him and talk quietly. It’s important he has time with you where he doesn’t get too worked up. You can also give him the odd treat as you play calmly.

STEP 4 – Time out

If he does bite, calmly remove him from the room and place him in a time out space. Ensure there are no toys in there and leave him there for 30 seconds to calm down. You can then release him back into the room.

STEP 5 – Lengthen the sentence

If he bites again when you let him back in the room, remove him again. However, this time add an extra 30-seconds to his sentence. Keep adding time onto his time out period until he catches on.