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How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Stop Chasing Cats

How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Stop Chasing Cats

Dogs are known to be chasing cats and it seems like that is just the rule – just like in “Tom and Jerry” untrained dogs still love to chase after cats even when they usually remain in good behavior.

But how to bring them to stop doing that? Is there any way? We are bringing you some tips to train your dog to stop chasing after cats.

Use a muzzle

Initially, you’ll may have to use a muzzle. Your dog still needs some time to get used to cats and meeting them daily. He may be unable to control its excitement and curiosity after seeing a cat.

Teach your dog to get used to the muzzle

Remember never to give your dog the idea that wearing a muzzle is a form of punishment. If that ever happens it will be harder to put it on. Always approach your dog in a calm way.

If you don’t wan’t to use a muzzle, try a leash

If you two are inside with a cat, try to keep him on a leash. Make your dog feel that being on a leash is not a bad thing. Don’t make it a big thing and don’t speak angry to him. Speak to it in low tones as you put the leash on.

Use the Leash to Train Your Dog to Relax Around the Cat

Correct wrong behaviors like tugging on the leash or trying to go and chase the cat. And try to calm your pet each time it gets excited. After some time, they may even start sitting side by side and may even start playing together.