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How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Stop Chewing?

How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Stop Chewing?
Golden Retriever Stop Chewing

Dogs really love to chew, it is a natural thing for them, and Golden Retrievers are not an exception in this matter. We all know that feeling when we walk into our house and find our shoes or furniture destroyed. Of course, every owner wants to know how to stop this kind of behavior. If you are wondering how to train your Golden Retriever to stop chewing, look no further. We got it all covered in this article.

Why Do They Do It?

As with any other problem we face in our lives, in order to solve it, we must first find what’s causing it. The most common causes for chewing behavior in Golden Retrievers are:

Lack of training

Just like a baby, your Golden Retriever doesn’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, it needs to be taught to recognize the difference.


Teething pain is one of the most common causes of chewing. Growth of the teeth causes considerable pain to puppies. Therefore, they will start to chew to ease that pain.


Another common factor when we talk about chewing in Golden Retrievers. If your dog is not active enough, and you didn’t provide enough exercise for him, it will start to chew stuff out of boredom.

Feeling neglected

If your dog feels you don’t give him enough attention, it will engage in destructive chewing to get your attention.

Fear And Anxiety

Chewing can be a method of self-calming in dogs. When your Golden is scared, nervous, or upset, it may resort to chewing to calm itself.

Medical issues

These are not as common as other causes when we talk about chewing. However, some medical issues like an oral disease or mental issues like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can cause destructive chewing in Golden Retrievers.

It’s important to notice that these are not absolute causes of chewing behavior in Golden Retrievers. These are guidelines that will help you to determine the exact cause faster.

Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy To Stop Chewing

There are a couple of proven methods that will help you train your Golden Retriever puppy to stop destructive chewing. 

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

No one can really watch over their puppy 24/7, most of us need to work and therefore will be absent from the house for a few hours. Your puppy is left unsupervised during that time, and that is the recipe for a disaster. 

To prevent that sort of behavior, confine your puppy into a “safe room” or in a crate if it’s crate training, and leave some chewable toys to keep it engaged. This way your puppy will be safe during your absence, and you will prevent it from damaging your stuff.

Redirect Attention And Distract From Chewing

When you notice your puppy is chewing the stuff it shouldn’t chew, you need to act fast and be determined.

This process is implemented in three simple steps:


Firstly, you will get its attention using a combination of stern voice and finger-pointing to express your displeasure.


Once you expressed you are not happy with its behavior, you will remove the “undesired object” from the immediate area or remove the puppy from that object.


Of course, the work is not done by just removing the object being chewed, the puppy still has the desire to chew. Therefore, you need to introduce substitution for that object in the form of a safe chewing toy.

Repeating this process will train your puppy to recognize which objects are safe to chew and which are not.

Resolving The Teething Pain

We know just how much pain and discomfort first teeth that come in can cause to babies. The same thing happens with our puppies. Your baby Golden will try chewing things to ease that pain and discomfort. You can not stop this behavior, so the only thing you can do is to provide as many safe chewing options as you can.

Train Your Adult Golden Retriever To Stop Chewing

Chewing in adult Golden Retrievers is mostly caused by the lack of activity and exercise.

Proper And Regular Exercise

Like humans, dogs need exercise to keep them healthy. Golden Retrievers are known as an energetic and playful breed. This energy needs to be spent somewhere, and if you do not provide enough activity, it will be spent on undesired behaviors. The best way to stop your Golden Retriever from chewing undesirable objects is to tire it with exercise. A tired dog will not be interested in such an activity.

Introduce Unpleasant Flavor

When everything else fails, and you can’t deter your Golden from chewing your rug or shoes or a piece of furniture, try with the introduction of unpleasant flavor.

There are a lot of taste deterrent products in the market today. Most of them have spicy and bitter flavors that will deter destructive chewing.


Chewing is perfectly normal behavior, your dog’s way of exploring, cleaning its teeth, calming itself down, etc. However, destructive chewing can be a signal of a more serious mental or medical issue. This issue needs to be sorted as soon as possible. The most important thing is that you don’t give up until you solve this problem.