How Working From Home With A Golden Retriever Puppy Looks Like

Golden retriever falls asleep over his owner’s coffee mug
Source of photos: Instagram

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Working from home definitely has it’s pros and cons. You can work from your bed and in your pajamas, but you’re also becoming incredibly socially awkward because you no longer know how to communicate with people outside of your household. Also when work has just been piling up and all you want to do is get things done, you might be distracted by someone living with you.

If you’re lucky enough to live with a dog you probably have noticed by now that they don’t really understand this whole concept of “working from home”. They would much rather have you tapping on their tummy than your keyboard.

And that’s why it can get hard to actually be productive and get things done when you’re at home with your puppy. Especially if they are a bit overly attached like the one from this video. The adorable pup just wanted to stay by it’s owner side 24/7, even while she’s on the computer.

He got so tired of protecting his owner that the poor thing fell asleep on the woman’s coffee mug. The hardworking pooch definitely deserved a rest and his owner finally got some time on her hands to reply to all of those emails.

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