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Ideal pets for every zodiac sign

Ideal pets for every zodiac sign

People choose pets according to various criteria. For some, race is important, for others size, for others how much they shed … There are people who consult a horoscope when choosing a pet.

If you think this might help you, study your zodiac sign and find out what kind of pet suits you.


Ideal pet: energetic.

Since they are always full of energy, they need a pet that will follow their pace. For example, an energetic dog, like a Jack Russell Terrier, would be ideal for them.


The ideal pet: a faithful being.

Since taurus are known to be addicted and stubborn, the ideal dog for them would be a golden retriever or a Labrador, and if they decided on a cat, a real Scottish Fold would be. It is very owner-oriented.


The ideal pet: something intelligent

The parrot is the best in that sense. If you opt for cats, then the Siamese is ideal. In both cases, they are extremely smart animals, which is very important to Gemini.


Ideal pet: some cute little one

They are sensitive and like to take care of others, so pets like hamsters and guinea pigs could delight them.


Ideal pet: fun type

For them, given their character, cats are ideal. Preferably long-haired, large cats, which attract attention. It is important to him that the pet is fun, so if he does not choose a cat, some medium-sized dog will be very fun. Say, a cocker spaniel.


An ideal pet: something that doesn’t create a mess

Virgos are known to be total purists, so their best pets are dogs that do not shed or something that requires even less care, such as fish. Society is there, no need to clean too much, ideal.


Ideal pet: nice and cuddly

Given that Libra is known as an esthete, it is clear that it is important for their pet to be beautiful. Of course, tidiness is also important to them, so the Persian cat is ideal for them. They can cuddle with it, so that’s good too. If not a cat, then a rabbit suits them.


The ideal pet: something dramatic

We know what Scorpios are like, the kings of drama, so reptiles could suit them. If the choice is more traditional, then large, somewhat special dogs or cats of equal quality come into consideration. Just to be lavish, big, to attract attention.


The ideal pet: something that doesn’t require a lot of worry

Since they are free-spirited and it can happen that they decide to go on the road in one breath, they need something that will survive without their presence. Say, turtles or fish.


Ideal pet: independent

Since they have a reputation as independent types, they need such a pet. There is only one such thing – a cat.


Ideal pet: unusual

Aquarius is a bit eccentric, so they like reptiles and exotic parrots.


The ideal pet: one that will survive

They are rumored to be forgetful at times, so it is best to get a pet that can live normally without daily worries. Say, fish.