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If You Want To Get A Golden Retriever You Need To Know This!

If You Want To Get A Golden Retriever You Need To Know This!

It is known that Goldies are great pets. They are very loyal, good with children, other dogs, and even other animals. They are very active and playful. We searched for more characteristics of them so you can know if they are a great choice for you and your lifestyle.


When we talk about adaptability, Golden Retrievers can easily adapt to a new environment. They do not like apartments because they have a lot of energy, but if you train with them every day, that will not be a problem. They are very sensitive and they do not like to be alone, so if you work or travel a lot it can be a little bit hard.


If you want a life companion, there is no better choice than Goldie. They are friendly, careful, and loyal. They like to do all activities with their family. They are also great with small children.

Health and grooming

They have double fur and they need good care. They shed a lot, but if you take care of their fur, it will be okay. Their general health is good. When they get older, they can have problems with their hips or kidneys.


They are very easy o train, treats make them motivated. They are also very intelligent, they can be trained to help the sick, the blind, …