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Is A Raw Diet The Best Choice For Your Golden Retriever?

Is A Raw Diet The Best Choice For Your Golden Retriever?

Raw feeding is getting more and more popular among dog owners. While wanting their dogs to be as healthy as possible, many owners are switching to a raw diet thinking it’s more natural and healthy for their pups. But is that actually true?

Raw feeding means feeding your pet raw ingredients, rather than the traditional cooked food that is more commonly available. These diets usually contain a combination of raw meat, and other ingredients such as eggs, fruits and vegetables.

Currently there are no studies to support that raw feeding is better than traditional dog food. The arguments for raw feeding are based on the experience of individual owners rather than official studies on lots of pets showing a real difference.

The main problem with raw food is that it contains pathogens such as bacteria and parasites that would normally be killed during cooking with high heat. Even if your being extra careful, the risk of cross-contamination will still be high and you will not only put your pet at risk but also everyone in your household.

Also another problem it brings is that often people who feed their dogs a raw diet are also giving them bones with the meat. It’s important to never give your dog bones, cooked or uncooked, because it could damage their digestive system, cause tummy issues and constipation due to their high levels of calcium.

If you’re considering switching to a raw diet always talk to your vet beforehand, because he’ll advise you as to what’s the best thing to do.