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Is It Safe For My Golden Retriever To Eat Bugs?

Is It Safe For My Golden Retriever To Eat Bugs?

Our beloved dogs are predators in their nature and no matter how sweet and innocent they seem to us they will still be attracted to everything that is smaller than them and moving. That’s why they are so curious about bugs.

Even though it’s completely harmless to eat some bugs (Bear Grylls knows this best) some of them can still be toxic.

So which ones are toxic?

First of all the ones that eat feces. These bugs can transmit worms into the stomach of your pet.
If your dog eats those bugs that eat crickets, fireflies, cockroaches, grubs, or lady beetles, it will be harmful to them. Possible symptoms include: vomiting, diarrhea, intestine blockage. Spiders, slugs, earthworms, bees, wasps, snails and fleas should be avoided as well. These are also harmful to your dog.

When it comes to bugs the real danger lies in parasites. Tapeworms are common parasites for both cats and dogs, and they can be transmitted through some feces eating bugs. Thankfully this condition is not life-threatening. You can simply consult a vet.

Another less common harmful parasite is Physaloptera. This parasite is responsible for stomach worm infections in dogs. They are spread by beetles, cockroaches, crickets, and other harmful bugs.

Some of the possible symptoms your dog may experience after being infected by this parasite include: acute vomiting, stomach ache and a sudden loss of appetite.