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Is It Safe To Blow-Dry Your Dogs Coat?

Is It Safe To Blow-Dry Your Dogs Coat?

If you’re grooming your dog at home and give him baths regularly, you know how hard it can be to towel-dry them. Golden retrievers have really long and thick coats and sometimes it will just take forever to let them air-dry. It’s especially difficult during colder months, when all of us simply go for the easiest way and dry them with the help of a blow-dryer. But is that really safe? Can it in any way harm our dogs or their sensitive skin?

Here are the answers:

Blow-drying your dog after a bath is for the most part perfectly safe, you just have to do it correctly. Blow drying helps preventing hot spots, a condition also known as moist dermatitis.

It’s especially important to blow-dry your dog if you love in a humid place because matting occurs mostly in humid environments. But blow-drying in colder months is equally as important because it will help your dog to stay warm and make them feel more comfortable.

How to blow-dry your dogs coat?

Before anything else, make sure to towel-dry it’s coat first! After that you can go with a blow-dryer, but if your dog is unfamiliar with blow drying you need to take into consideration that they will be confused and even scared at first. So make sure to introduce them slowly to your blow-dryer.

Never use a hot or cold setting, make sure that the air coming out of it is comfortably warm. Brush through your dogs coat with your hands so that the process will be quicker done.

If you can afford it consider getting a special dog hair dryer.

Instead of using heat, dog blow-dryers shoot air out at high speeds and rids the coat of water quickly. The higher the airflow, the faster the coat will dry.