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Is It Safe To Give My Golden Retriever Fruit Juices?

Is It Safe To Give My Golden Retriever Fruit Juices?

Whatever we may be eating or drinking, our golden retrievers will always be right there next to us and wait patiently to maybe get a taste of it as well. Sometimes if it’s something healthy like fruit juice we may get weak and want to give some to them as well. But is that okay? Is fruit juice safe for dogs?

Well the answer is that it definitely depends on what the fruit is.

Here’s what you should know:

Even though golden retrievers can drink most fruit juices, it’s recommended that they don’t. A much better alternative is to feed them whole fruits as snacks. Lots of commercially sold fruit juices are loaded with sugars, artificial colors, and preservatives. All of those are neither good for you or your dog. But if you’re making some fresh juice at home, a little sip won’t upset your dog’s stomach in most cases.

But there is one exception, and one kind of fruit juice that you should NEVER give to your dogs.

Never give your dog grape juice!

While most juices are fine in moderation, your dog shouldn’t be give any grape juice at all! Grapes are toxic for dogs and cause some serious conditions like kidney failure.

If your dog eats or drinks anything derived from grapes, immediately call your veterinarian.

Always remember that at the end of the day the only drink your dog really needs is clean and fresh water.