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Is It Safe To Vape Around Your Golden Retriever?

Is It Safe To Vape Around Your Golden Retriever?

Even though vaping is considered a safer alternative to cigarette smoking, it can still contain some substances that may harm you or your pets that are alway by your side and inhale the substances passively. Especially if you are using vape mixtures that contain nicotine.

Standard vape juice without nicotine is not thought to be dangerous. The vape clouds quickly dissipate into the air, so your pup won’t inhale much of it.

On the other hand, vape pens and liquids with nicotine are very dangerous to dogs. Nicotine in is toxic for humans and even more dangerous for dogs. If you vape with liquid nicotine, you need to be mindful of how it might be affecting your beloved golden retriever.

The effects of the nicotine found in vape juice and vape containers will vary according to the size and overall health of your animal, as well as the concentration of nicotine found in your particular type of vape juice.

Some common symptoms of nicotine poisoning include:

Sudden weakness in the legs
Tremors, shaking
Change in heart rate or rapid heartbeat
Lethargy, inactivity

A responsible pet owner consider some common sense precautions that will keep your dog safe. So you can enjoy your vaping experience while keeping your dog safe.

If your pets are in the room when you vape, add some ventilation to the space. Open a window or turn on a fan, and keep that fan directed away from your vape pen and your pet.