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Kong Dog Toys: Perfect Toys For Your Furry Friend

Kong Dog Toys: Perfect Toys For Your Furry Friend
Kong Dog Toys

What Are Kong Dog Toys?

Kong dog toys are rubber toys with a hollow cavity that you can stuff with treats. The idea behind these toys is that dog has to work and chew the toy to get the treats out. 

What Are Kongs Made Of?

Kong dog toys are made from non-toxic, non-vulcanized rubber.

Is Kongs Indestructible?

Kong toys are not indestructible. However, these are durable and safe toys that will last a long time. Dogs rarely chew through the Kong toy, but there have been several documented cases nonetheless.

Why Are Kong Toys Good For Dogs?

Kong toys have a simple but effective design. A treat-filled cavity incentivizes the dog to chew the Kong to get the tasty treat. 

These toys serve several purposes. You can use a Kong toy when crate training your puppy. The dog will be occupied by chewing the Kong toy inside the crate, which will tire the dog, help it relax, and settle down faster. Also, the treats inside the toy will help the dog associate the crate with good tasty food.

Kong toys are also perfect if you need to do something, but your furry friend wants to play. Just fill the Kong with tasty food and give it to your dog. The dog will gladly play with it for at least 30 minutes, enough time if you need some rest or have something to do.

Do Kong Toys Smell Bad?

One of the main components of Kong dog toys is the so-called “smoke sheet.” Therefore, Kongs will have that distinctive smoky smell.

How To Clean Kong Dog Toys?

Cleaning a Kong toy is fairly simple. Just soak the Kong in dish soap and warm water and then rinse it. You can also use an old toothbrush to thoroughly clean the inside of the toy. Also, all Kong dog toys are dishwasher safe.

Are Kong Toys Made In The USA?

Out of all Kong toys only three types are manufactured in China, all other toys are made in the USA. Kong toys made in China are KONG Wubba, Air KONG, and KONG Plush. However, these toys undergo rigorous testing before they are sold.