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Liquid Gold For Dogs: What Is It?

Liquid Gold For Dogs: What Is It?

If you ever researched dog supplements online you most likely came across a certain brand named SBK that produces “liquid gold” for dogs. It’s widely popular amongst dog owners. But what is all of that fuss about? Is it really worth it?

SBK’S LIQUID GOLD is an American made, all natural, premium chicken based product. It’s said to promote a healthy weight and healthy coat in canines.

Ingredients of “Liquid gold for dogs”

The supplements appears to be rich in protein, amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids, glycerin and fibers. All of which are amazing nutrients.

Besides that, the new formulation also contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin for hip and joint mobility aid.

The protein found in Liquid gold is pumpkin whey. It’s great for promoting a healthy digestive system. It’s also rich in vitamins such as vitamin C and A. The Zinc found in it helps improve the skin and coat, but also helps for healing possible wounds on your dog’s body.

Another key ingredient is beta-carotene. It’s an great anti-oxidant and will slow down the aging process of your pup. It also contains Cucurbitin, an amino acid that acts as a natural deworming agent by paralyzing tape worms and other intestinal parasites.


The formulation is very rich in proteins which is great for dogs who are suffering from obesity.

The proteins consist of pumpkin proteins and egg whites. The egg whites give some extra pep of essential amino acids, but also riboflavin and selenium.

Besides these two basic proteins, Liquid gold also contains beef bone protein. Beef bone protein helps boost energy, and is loaded with amino acids that help build and repair muscle tissue.

All in all this supplement is basically meant for all dogs. You can give it to your dog very early on and it will be a great addition to a balanced and healthy diet.

The serving size depends on the size of your dog’s breed, and you can simply add it to their normal food servings. The serving size also depends on the goals you have for your dog, if you are trying that your dog gains some healthy weight, the servings may be bigger.


People online seem to be loving Liquid gold for dogs. Dog owners all around the US are repurchasing this supplements as it seems to work amazing for their dogs.

Here are some reviews:

Christina wrote: “My frenchie takes forever to eat and is picky. She loves this liquid gold. She finally eats all her dinner. My dog needed a little more weight and this is helping her maintain a healthy coat and weight.”

Another user named Christopher commented: “My go to for my dogs! I raise Bandogges (Mastiff cross) this really helps their coat shine and add a little extra weight where they lack. They love it and line up at the kitchen for it… They practically beg for it haha. Great smell and they seem ti lovvvee it“

However, not all reviews are great, one says: “My English Bulldog loves sweets, but it was not worth the amount of money I spent. He refused to eat is food for 2 days unless I feed him without the product. I thought he was going like it since he was previously on dyne sort of same smell but nothing. Thank you!“