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Louie the Golden retriever found safe thanks to another dog after missing for 3 days

Louie the Golden retriever found safe thanks to another dog after missing for 3 days

During a massive snow storm a dog in Saskatoon went missing for three days. The story get a lucky end after the dog was found by a cross-country skier.

“I’m just overwhelmed with how generous people were with their time and how helpful they were,” said dog owner Julia Neufeldt.

“I honestly don’t know if I can ever truly convey how thankful we are.”, she added.

Julias friend offered to take out Louie, a year and a half old golden retriever, for a walk to Furdale Dog Park. But the dog walk turned into horor.

“I got a phone call from her saying she wasn’t able to find him for about 20 minutes. And I mean, that’s never happened,” she said. “I flew into a panic.”

Neufeldt along with couple of friends immediately start searching for Louie, but couldn’t find him.

Additinional problem was that snow storm hit Saskatoon pretty hard and it make it very difficult to search for a puppy.

“You kind of assume the worst and it honestly kind of felt like searching for a needle in a haystack,” Neufeldt said. “It was like losing a member of your family. It was just devastating.”

Julia was desperate, so she posted to Facebook what had happened and the people of Saskatoon took an interest.

“I thought maybe I would get like 50 shares, like some friends might share. But then it just kind of blew up,” Neufeldt said. “People that I’ve never met before, like complete strangers, were reaching out to me … it was kind of overwhelming.”

After a three days of search, animal control connected Neufeldt with the person, who had been cross-country skiing when his dog Banjo pulled him away and led him to Louie.

“So we were sprinting as best we could through the snow in our winter boots and our winter attire and I’ve never had a more strenuous workout before,” she said. “We ran as best he could with a group of people [then] we saw him.”, Julia told CBS.

“Our house felt really empty the days he was gone,” she said. “I just am so happy to have him home. Like, I’m not going to complain about his hair all over the house.”

Neither would we Julia…