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Male vs Female Golden Retriever: Know The Differences!

Male vs Female Golden Retriever: Know The Differences!
Male vs Female Golden Retriever

Should I choose a male or female Golden Retriever? This is the most common question that “soon to be owners” ask. And it’s a good question since this will be one of the biggest decisions you will make. Let’s make one thing clear at the beginning, whatever the choice, you can not go wrong with Golden Retriever. However, when we talk about male vs female Golden Retriever, there are some subtle differences you should know.

Male Vs Female Golden Retriever: Physical Differences

Like in most animal species, there are physical differences between females and males. Golden Retriever females tend to be smaller in size than their male counterparts.

Male Golden Retriever should weigh between 65 to 75 pounds and be 23 to 24 inches in height.

Female Golden Retriever should weigh between 55 to 65 pounds and be 21.5 to 22.5 inches in height.

Males also have broader heads, longer coats, and thicker ruffs than females.

Male Vs Female Golden Retriever: Differences in Personality

Golden Retriever is a perfect pet for any household, be it male or female. Both sexes are equally caring, intelligent, affectionate, and playful. However, there are minimal differences in their personality. 

Golden females tend to mature sooner than males. A 1-year-old female acts like a 1.5-2-year-old male. 

Males are more stubborn, territorial, and demand more attention. It’s in their nature to follow and please the leader of the “pack”. In this case, you are that pack leader. Females, on the other hand, tend to be calmer and more independent.

So, if you want more attachment and attention from your dog, you should choose a male Golden Retriever. On the other hand, Golden females are more suited for those that don’t enjoy pets that are too needy.

It’s important to notice that the above-mentioned differences in personality, while present, are minimal. Also, it would be wrong to label all females as more independent, or all males as needier. Every dog has its own personality. So, there is no colossal, definite difference between males and females.

Differences in Training

Unlike personality, there are some clear differences in training when it comes to male vs female Golden Retriever. 

Male Golden Retrievers can hold their bladder longer, as a result, they are easier to potty train, spot train, and crate train.

On the other hand, females are much better in obedience training.

If you are looking for a dog that is easier to train, then the best option would be a female Golden Retriever. If you are looking for a fun dog to train, then your choice should be a male.

Estrous Cycle

This is, maybe, one of the biggest differences between female and male Golden Retriever. Approximately every six months, females go through an estrous cycle. This is the time when females send signals to their male counterparts that they are ready for mating. During this time female is fertile and may even bleed. If you don’t want to mate your female, you always have the option of “desexing”. In that case, your Golden female won’t go through the estrous cycle.


As we already said above, there is no right or wrong answer in this case. Some buyers prefer Golden females over males. On the other hand, some are more prone to buying a male Golden Retriever. In the end, the result is always the same! You will get a beautiful, affectionate, and loyal friend for the rest of his life. An angel sent to bring happiness and joy to you and your family.