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Meet Eli: The Physical Therapy Golden Retriever

Meet Eli: The Physical Therapy Golden Retriever

Everyone who knows the true nature of golden retrievers knows how good therapy dogs they make.

They are amazing guide dogs, anxiety relievers, work so well with people who have autism and so much more.

They have the biggest hearts and most people who are doing any kind of therapy love to have them around.

Recently a father shared just how much his little son enjoyed when his therapy group brought a golden retriever to their meeting.

The father wrote on his blog noahsdad.com:

One of the things I really like about Our Children’s House Baylor (Where Noah receives his developmental therapy) is the creative ways they work with children.

Today they brought in an awesome golden retriever therapy dog for the children to play with. And as you can see, it looks like Noah has a new best friend!

I wonder if I convince my wife to let us get a golden receiver for Noah to play with now……