Meet Ziggy, A Beautiful Golden Retriever With Heterochromatic Eyes

Golden Retriever from California has unique heterochromatic eyes
Source of photos: Instagram

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Heterochromatic eyes are a rare condition where one eye is differently colored than the other. It is not only rare in humans, but in dogs as well! It is only fairly common in a very small group of dog breeds.

Heterochromia is caused by a lack of the pigment melanin in all or part of one eye. In dogs with heterochromia, the lack of melanin causes one of their eyes to appear blue or bluish-white.

Exactly that is the case with Ziggy, a beautiful golden retriever from California, USA. Ziggy lives with his two parents, and his main job is to spread love to all people.

Ziggy has a form hereditary heterochromia which basically means that he was born with different colored eyes. His unique look is therefore completely God-given and thankfully not the result of an injury or partial blindness that can also cause this condition in some dogs.

Ziggy’s parent opened up a Instagram account for him right after adopting him, and they will be more than happy if you decided to hit that “follow” button.

So if you want to see more of Ziggy and his unique eyes you know where to look.

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