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Most Expensive Dog In The World

Most Expensive Dog In The World

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive dog in the world is? And how much it costs? The answer is going to shock you!

The most expensive dog in the world was sold for a baffling 1.2 million dollars! The expensive canine is a Tibetan Mastiff puppy that was sold in China. The pup was bought at a luxury pet fair by a property developer. This was most likely the most expensive dog sale in human history.

It’s unknown as to why the person was willing to pay such an enormous amount of money to buy the dog. However, that’s not the usual price you have to pay to buy a Tibetan Mastiff. For example, the price you would have to pay in the UK would be around £1000. In the USA they are about $3000. However, in China, their price is shockingly hight. Why, you ask? Well, the answer is quite interesting.

Why are Tibetan Mastiff so expensive in China?

Tibetan Mastiffs resemble lions which are a status symbol and a symbol of wealth and fortune in China. They are large, with long and lion-like manes. A Zoo in China was even caught trying to pass a Tibetan Mastiff as a lion to it’s visitors. While you can’t easily own a pet lion, Tibetan Mastiffs are a legal and more safe way to show off your money in China.

Allegedly, the property developer who bought the dog plans to breed these beautiful and rare dogs. The life expectancy of a Tibetan Mastiff is about ten years, which is quite good for a dog breed that large. Remember, usually – the larger the dog breed the shorter the life expectancy. However, that still a very high price to pay for a companion that will only be by your side for about ten years.

What are Tibetan Mastiffs known for?

According to Wikipedia, “The Tibetan Mastiff originated as a herding and guarding dog for the nomads of Tibet, and as a watchdog in Tibetan monasteries.” They are an ancient dog breed that helped humans with hunting and protection. Also, they are very protective of their family members and will defend the no matter what. These pups are also very loyal and love their owners more than anything. Additionally, they are incredibly strong and well built dogs with a very large frame. They have an extremely thick double coat and the most common colours are black and black and tan.

While they do seem like amazing canines, we have to admit that we were surprised learning that the most expensive dog came from this breed.