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My Dog’s Eye Is Red And Swollen! What To Do?

My Dog’s Eye Is Red And Swollen! What To Do?

Having pets means taking care of their health and well being. That’s why it’s so crucial for us to inspect any possible changes in our dog’s health and immediately search for help if there is anything out of order. While we have the luxury to express anything that it bothering us, our dog’s unfortunately can’t talk. Eye conditions are very common, not only in humans, but in dogs too. The most common symptom is redness. So if your asking yourself why your dog’s eye is red and swollen, we might have the answer.

Help! My dog’s eye is red and swollen.

The most common reason your dog’s eyes are red and/or swollen are eye infections or also known as conjunctivitis.

The other possibilities include physical damage to the eye. For example a splinter, foreign body or some other type of injury. Another condition that could cause these symptoms are dry eyes. This is especially common if you live in a dry and windy area and you took your dog on a long walk around in nature.

However, you shouldn’t be the one deciding on the final diagnosis. Unless you have a doctorate in veterinary medicine, you should seek some professional help to treat your canine.

Eye infections and injuries especially dangerous and they need to be treated immediately. In some severe cases, they could even lead to permanent blindness in one or both eyes.


Conjunctivitis is a condition in which the conjuctiva of the dog’s eye becomes inflamed. That’s why the surface of the eye appears red.

There are two different types of conjunctivitis: Infectious, and non-infectious.

Infectious conjunctivitis is caused by a viral, bacterial or fungal infection. It’s quite rare, however.

If you’re suspecting that your dog has pink eye caused by an infection, make sure to keep your dog away from his other canine friends. Also always throughly wash your hands with soap after touching your dog’s eye area.

Non-infectious conjunctivitis is much more common. A number of things can trigger it. Such as: allergies, injury, trauma, different substances…

The most common symptoms of canine conjunctivitis are:

  1. Red eyes
  2. Swollen eyes
  3. Eye discharge;
  4. Eyelids that are sticking together;
  5. Swelling of the eyelid;
  6. Pawing at the eye

If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms and changes in your dog’s eyes, contact your vet.

What can I do to help my pup?

Whatever the reason if that your dog’s eye is red and swollen, he will need professional help.

That’s why you should take him to the vet immediately after noticing any changes.

While in most cases conjunctivitis or dry eyes aren’t a medical emergency, they won’t clear up all by themselves.

Chronic eye dryness will require the use of eye drops. They should be applied 2-3x times a day.

On the other hand, the treatment of conjunctivitis can be a bit more puzzling.

If the pink eye is caused by an infection, antibiotics may be prescribed. The treatment can also sometimes be bactericidal or fungicidal ointment.

However, if the reason are allergies, your dog will need some anti-histamines.