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My Golden Retriever Continually Eats Grass. What Does That Mean?

My Golden Retriever Continually Eats Grass. What Does That Mean?

If you’re starting to think that your dog is part cow because of the amount of grass he eats daily. Well, we are bringing you the explanation.

For many years it was believed that dogs eat grass because they are feeling sick, and want to make themselves vomit to clear their tummy from whatever was causing issues. But that isn’t always the case.

Many types of animals can suffer from a disorder known as “pica”, which is when the individual eats something that is not technically food. Most often pica is a sign of boredom, especially in puppies.

One study determined that around 79% of dogs that had eaten plants at some time or another had gone after grass rather than anything else. And that brings back the theory that they are eating it to clean their tummies.

Another report noted that “fewer than 10% of dogs seem to be sick before eating grass…And grass eating doesn’t usually lead to throwing up, less
than 25% of dogs that eat grass vomit…”

In some cases dogs also eat plants to support their digestion. If their diet isn’t high enough in fiber or if some other nutrient is missing.

But the answer could also be as simple as – your dog just likes the taste of grass!

Thankfully “most experts agree that grass itself isn’t harmful…certain herbicides and pesticides used on lawns can be quite toxic, especially if ingested.” So if you are using such compounds, try to replace them with a more natural option.