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National Dog Show Presented New Member of The Family

National Dog Show Presented New Member of The Family

America’s most popular breeds show themselfs on The National Dog Show on Thanksgiving.

Most popular dog breeds were there, like Golden Retrievers, the German Shepherd and the Labradors.

What was diiferent this year, the National Dog Show welcomed several new breeds to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.

The Barbet, which competes in the Sporting Group, originated as a water dog in France. The breed has a curly coat that can be black, gray, brown, or fawn in color, sometimes with white markings. Their shaggy heads end with a distinct beard, according to NBC.

An archetypic water dog of France, the Barbet is a rustic breed of medium size and balanced proportions who appears in artwork as early as the 16th century. In profile, the Barbet is slightly rectangular with a substantial head and long, sweeping tail. He has a long, dense covering of curly hair and a distinctive beard. An agile athlete, the Barbet has been used primarily to locate, flush, and retrieve birds. He has a cheerful disposition and is very social and loyal, according to AKC.