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National Golden Retriever Day

National Golden Retriever Day

With their loving, gentle and affectionate personalities, Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Therefore it comes as no surprise that there is a holiday named after them! National Golden Retriever Day is celebrated on February the 3rd.

And it’s the perfect date to give our furry golden companions some extra love. Because obviously, they deserve it! They are not only the most amazing family dogs, but also the best therapy dogs, and most devoted working dogs that are helping people all over the world.

Here’s why and how we celebrate International Golden Retriever Day!

History of National Golden Retriever Day

National Golden Retriever Day is a fairly new holiday that was established in 2012. We have no idea why it took so long to establish a day to celebrate Golden Retrievers, but here we are.

This holiday was founded when a woman named Kristen Shroyer realized there was no day set as a tribute for these dogs. She set the date (February 3rd) on the birthday of her late Golden Retriever, Quincy. He sadly died of cancer at the age of 7.

This majestic breed originates back to the 1800s in Scotland. Scottish hunters needed a dog with a soft mouth and excellent fetching capabilities. Therefore they bred their best water spaniels with retrievers. And that’s how they created Golden Retrievers. Today, there aren’t many people who haven’t heard about this magnetic dog breed. To read more about their origins, click here.

Golden Retrievers are one of the best dogs to get if you have children. They are loving, affectionate, gentle and very protective. But their high intelligence and deep connection with humans also makes them extraordinary therapy snd service dogs.

If you are currently contemplating whether to get a golden retriever or not, take this as a sign. Don’t waste any more time and allow yourself to feel the purest kind of love that only Golden Retrievers can give. They will truly change your life for the better.

Famous Golden Retrievers

People love goldens because they’re so good with people and highly intelligent. They also make great actors, models, helpers, and rescuers because they’re so good with people and can be trained quickly.

So it’s no wonder that there are a bunch of pretty famous Goldens out there. And some of them are even Hollywood stars. It’s not hard to see why as these dogs really steal hearts wherever they go.

Here are some of the breed’s best-known dogs:


Buddy is a film-star we know from the silver screen that has won our hearts over in many different roles. But some of them do stand out.

He had two hit roles that you probably also know him from. As “Comet” on Full House, Buddy was loved by both kids and adults. He also played “Air Bud” on the big screen, where he displayed a dog that loves sports. Buddy the dog will be missed even though he has gone to doggie heaven. His shows and movies are a great way to keep up with him.

Bretagne, the hero from the September 11th attack

Golden Retrievers are preferred by law enforcement and government agencies because they have good senses and are always willing to help. After the World Trade Center in New York City fell down on 9/11/2001, more than 300 dogs were called in to help at ground zero.

The FEMA-certified Bretagne (pronounced Brit-nee) is one of the most well-known of these dogs, but there are many more (Federal Emergency Management Agency). During the disaster, she was two years old. Her owner took her to the 9/11 site for ten days to help people get back to their homes. There were many people who worked as firefighters and rescue workers when Bretagne was laid to rest in her birthplace, where she lived in Texas. She died in 2016 at the age of almost 17.

Liberty, the first dog in America

Some historical facts suggest that Liberty was the first dog in the White House. Liberty was given to Gerald Ford by his daughter, Susan. She was born at Camp David and the White House, where she lived for a while when she was young. In 1975, Liberty gave birth to a litter of puppies while living in the White House. One of the puppies was kept by the president. In 1977, when Ford’s presidency came to an end, the famous dog went back to Denver, Colorado, with the Ford family. There, she lived out her days.

How to celebrate National Golden Retriever Day

Every year, National Golden Retriever Day has been going on for a very long time. And while you probably weren’t aware of it for long, why not start doing something special now? There are endless possibilities that you could do to celebrate your beloved Golden.

Here are some of our favorite ideas on how to celebrate National Golden Retriever day.

Throw a party for your dog

Even if the dog doesn’t know that it’s his birthday, a loving owner should still show their Golden a lot of attention. Take a look at some of these fun ways to celebrate.

Participate in a Planned Event

People can find a Gold Retriever party in their neighborhood, no matter where they live in the world. But where should you go to show your love for National Golden Retriever Day? Our conversation has to be about Golden, Colorado at this point, right? Dogs and their owners love to meet outside the city’s tourist center, which is near a stream where the dogs can play and frolic, say the City of Golden and Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies.

Start an organized event

If you have a dog that is a Golden Retriever and there isn’t a National Golden Retriever Day event in your town, why not start an organized event? Choose a place (your favorite park or local dog parks), invite some Golden owners, advertise in groups for Golden owners, plan some activities, and have a great time!

Take a walk or drive with your dog

Most loyal Goldens like to spend time with their owners. This is a great time to take your dog for a drive to your favorite dog park or go for a long walk with just you and your pet.

Do something special

On this special day, no matter what, a Golden will be happy to get something special. Choose a new chew toy, his favorite bone, a peanut butter-filled KONG, a special treat or something from a dog bakery in your area. He will love it!

Golden Retriever world records

To set a world record, how many Golden Retrievers must be together in one place? At least a few hundred! Those who own Golden Retrievers all over the world have made these unofficial records in the last few years.

  • When the breed turned 150 years old in 2018, 361 of the cute little pups came together in Tomich, Scotland, to celebrate. People from all over the world came to the party, which was held at the Guisachan Estate, where Tweedmouth first bred the Golden. Needless to day, it was a golden party.
  • Almost four times as many Golden Retrievers and their owners came to Huntington Beach, California, in October of that year for Goldie-Palooza. This was the largest group of Golden Retrievers ever. A kissing booth called “Smooch the Pooch,” a costume contest, and a lot of giveaways and vendors supporting their favorite breed were some of the things people did at the event.
  • But Golden owners conquered even some greater distances. On February 3rd, 2019, more than 1,000 dogs and their owners came to Golden, Colorado, on an organized event to celebrate National Golden Retriever Day. This broke the record for the most dogs and their owners. There were “pupacinos” (doggie cappuccinos), and the party went for a walk across town, which is very dog-friendly.

Conclusion: Why We Love National Golden Retriever Day

Now after reading all of these fun facts it’s not too hard to see why Golden Retrievers are so popular, right? They are loyal, kind and affectionate. However, these dogs can do a lot more than just be great pets! As a disability support dog, the Golden Retriever, which is recognized by the American Kennel Club, is a popular choice for people who are blind or deaf. They play important roles as guide dogs and hearing dogs for the deaf.

Golden Retrievers can also be trained as hunting dogs and find things. Even though the breed is pleasant and mild, it can’t be used as a professional guard dog. It is the third most popular breed of dog for families in the United States, and the fourth smartest breed of dog in general.

The breed had been around for more than a century before it was given a day to remember. So we think is more than reasonable to use the upcoming February 3rd to show your Golden just how much he means to you! We know that dog lovers celebrate their pups every day, but why not use this official day too? All goldens are alike and all of them just love the attention!

Golden Retrievers are great pets. If you don’t already have a Golden Retriever, now might be the time to get one! It’s easy to find out whether or not your local dog shelter has a Golden to adopt. If not, you can check out some reputable breeders in your area.