National Puppy Day — How To Celebrate It

When is national puppy day and how to celebrate it

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Have you ever heard of National Puppy Day? If not, you are definitely missing out on a lot! We celebrate National Puppy Day on March 23. It was Established back in 2006 and became a pawsome way for all dog lovers to celebrate their cute baby balls of fur. That day is also used to raise awareness of all puppies that are looking for a home and their furever parents.

What’s the history of National Puppy Day?

The founder of this holiday is Colleen Paige. Her mission is to help recognize the number of puppies every year that need to be rescued.

National Puppy Day and National Dog Day are great opportunities to adopt dogs, because shelters typically have the highest intake of dogs around summertime. If you for any reason aren’t able to adopt any new fur babies at the moment, you can still make donations or help in other ways. For example by volunteering in your local dog shelter.

Are there any traditions for National Puppy Day?

There aren’t any specific traditions for this day. You should love and cherish your puppy all year round. But if you want to make this day special, treat your dog and yourself with a fun day in nature. Take a long and relaxing walk and treat him lavishly to his favorite food. Or you can give him and yourself a spa day to recharge for the days to come. Another cute idea is to go to Starbucks and get your dog a puppuccino, while you get yourself your favorite coffee.

If you want, you can also give your dog a small gifts. Some cute and personalized toys are always a good idea.

Fun activities to do on National Puppy Day

Try teaching your dog a new trick

Teaching your pup a new trick can help them to further develop their social skills. Your dog will feel proud and confident and he will also enjoy those extra treats he’ll receive.

Do some pampering

Our puppies are worthy of luxurious spa treatments! But that doesn’t mean that they have to be expensive! Give your pup a simpler bubble bath and a quick grooming session.

If you don’t have any puppies — go volunteer

If you currently don’t own a puppy, consider adopting one. However if that’s not an option for you at the moment, there are still ways to spend your time with them. Try volunteering at your local dog shelter. You will love the experience and the dogs will love the extra attention they receive.

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