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Never Give Up Hope: Golden Retriever Reunites With Owner After Nearly a Year

Never Give Up Hope: Golden Retriever Reunites With Owner After Nearly a Year

Just imagine that level of stress when you lost your dog? We wouldn’t want that to happen to no one, but this story is something else. And here’s why.

After a whole year, a dog has been reunited with his owner in Missouri, U. S.

Kate Olson from New Hampshire never give up hope and never stop searching for her fur friend. And that attidute pays back to her!

Kate lost her Golden retriever named Walter in Arnold, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Walter, described as an “anxious” dog, slipped out of his collar and took off, apparently wandering the woods behind an industrial park.

Kate was devasted, and stayed in St. Louis for weeks printing fliers and retracing his steps hoping to find him. She eventually returned to New England but got calls about sightings. She returned to Missouri in January to search again, but no luck.

Olson eventually created a “Where’s Walter?” Facebook page and enlisted animal rescue groups in the search.

And on November 13. Olson got the call she had been waiting for a whole time. A group based in Belleville, Illinois, called Lost Paws Trapping was able to capture Walter. Olson immediately got on a plane and was reunited with her long-lost dog.

“We are all tired, exhausted and emotionally drained, but could not be more excited,” the group wrote on Facebook regarding Walter’s rescue.

Since reuniting, Olson said Walter has “been such a little love.”

“He is the same sweet boy he was before and maybe even sweeter because he has missed getting loved on,” she said.