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Nine Pictures Showing How Fast Our Goldens Grow Up

Nine Pictures Showing How Fast Our Goldens Grow Up

Do you ever look at your golden retriever puppy and wish for him/her to never grow up? As much as we would like for them to stay so small forever, the truth is that they will grow up sooner than expected. In the blink of an eye they will already be full grown dogs. The nice thing is – they will always have the heart of a puppy, and they will always see themselves as puppy dogs.

Today we are bringing you nine pictures showing just how fast our beloved golden pups grow up.

#1 All grown up now but equally fluffy and cute!

#2 She might got bigger, but she is still the same little girl enjoying her walks!

#3 From fitting in her hands to being almost as big as her owner.

#4 He is outgrowing the box

#5 His smile got bigger the older he got

#6 It’s much easier to go up and down the stairs when you’re full grown

#7 The difference two months can make

#8 This is melting my heart! The first picture is too pure for this world

#9 We can’t even see the carpet in the third picture