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Nystagmus (Unintentional Eye Movement) In Golden Retrievers

Nystagmus (Unintentional Eye Movement) In Golden Retrievers

Nystagmus is a condition where dogs’ eyes move rapidly and involuntarily. It can be caused by several medical conditions, mutations and age.

If your dog shows any of the following symptoms along with unintentional eye movements, contact your vet as soon as possible:

Head tilting
Walking in circles
Loss of coordination
Clumsiness, falling, disorientation
Motion sickness or nausea
Causes Of Nystagmus In Dogs

Possible causes of nystagmus are:

Infections of the middle or inner ear can cause irregular eye movements and loss of balance or coordination. Vestibular disease is another possible cause.

Encephalitis, an inflammatory condition in the brain, may be another cause. It also results in headaches, drowsiness, fever, and confusion.

Head injuries can also cause nystagmus. Head trauma can throw dogs’ coordination and balance into chaos and cause a number of symptoms.

Epilepsy, seizures, and strokes are other possible causes.

Treatment for nystagmus in dogs depends on the underlying cause of the condition. It’s crucial to always go to your vet so he can prescribe the best treatment for your dogs condition.