Owner Throws Hot Dog To Golden Retriever And His Adorable Fail Has Internet Dying Of Laughter

Golden Retriever Catching Hot Dog

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This is the very sweet and wholesome story of a dog with a goal, an unrelenting dream. This dream is so pure, it’s sure to have you rooting for this very good boy.

And what is this one dog’s dream? To catch food in his mouth.

Fritz the Golden Retriever struggles to catch food in his mouth. And he really tries… he tries very hard.

The hilarious video below shows a series of recordings about Fritz receiving all kinds of delicious treats, from sushi to spaghetti, burgers, and everything in between.

I’m not exaggerating when I say the video is funny, like bust out laughing funny. If you or anyone you know is a dog lover, they’re sure to get a rise out of this video.

To add to the comedic effect, each of Fritz’s attempt to catch food is slowed down dramatically.

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