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Personality and Grooming: Things You Should Definitely Know Before Getting A Golden Retriever

Personality and Grooming: Things You Should Definitely Know Before Getting A Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are a very popular dog breed. Some people love them because of their patience, some because they are so gentle, but no matter what the reason might be it is clear that they really are amazing dogs.

However, before getting a Golden Retriever just a few people do good research on the breeds’ personality traits or characteristics. That is why we decided to put together a little FAQ so that you can easily find the answer to a question many have asked. So let’s dive right in.

First things first, we need to take a look at their personality.

The Golden is not only loving in temperament and personality, they are also incredibly loyal and obedient. No matter what you are doing or where you are going, your pup will typically want to be where you are doing what you are doing. Plan on bringing your Golden Retriever with you on family vacations, as they become sad when they are not with their people.

Another thing that is special about them is these dogs are always puppies at heart. No matter if they are 1 year old or 10, they will LOVE to play with you. This breed tends to mature slowly and maintains a silly puppy personality for many years after they’ve grown. They are extremely active and are always happy to go on a walk. And because of this, they will want to run, jump, swim, play with toys, and all the time.

Goldens always appear to be smiling, and you can often catch them wagging their tail in happiness. However, don’t expect them to be good watchdogs, as they usually greet everyone who walks through the door. They may bark occasionally, but it’s with a friendly tone, not a protective one.

Keep in mind, Golden Retrievers love to chew. Always have chew toys stocked, as they may end up chewing up your furniture if they don’t have a toy to play with

Popularity of Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retrievers’ kind and obedient personality make them an extremely popular dog. In 2016, the American Kennel Club ranked the Golden Retriever as the 4th most popular dog in the United States.

Are Golden Retrievers easy to train?

Yes! This is exactly one of the reasons why they are so popular among dog lovers. Thanks to Golden Retriever characteristics like obedience and intelligence they are easy to train and are often the top of their class in training school. Golden Retrievers are people pleasers and would do anything for some praise and a good snack. The only time you’ll run into a problem with training Golden Retrievers is with leash training. Start the leash training at a young age to prevent any leash pulling behavior, which can result in a variety of neck and spine issues.

Exercise, exercise, exercise

I think by now you might have figured out that having a Golden (just like any dog for that matter) is a LOT of work! This is mostly because they require tons of exercise and should be walked at least once a day (ideally would be 2-3 times). They are happy to partake in any outdoor activity, from hikes to swimming to playing fetch. They love the outdoors and running around with other dogs. Giving them proper exercise is crucial to prevent bad Golden Retriever behavior and keep them in good health. A bored Golden Retriever tends to get destructive and will chew on household items.

Lifespan of a Golden Retriever

Due to their large size, Golden Retrievers tend to live between 10-12 years.

But how much should you actually feed your Golden Retriever?

It is recommended you feed your Golden Retriever 2-3 cups of high-quality food, split into two meals. It’s essential to watch your Golden Retriever’s weight to make a decision on how much to feed him. This is especially important for Golden Retrievers as they are susceptible to health problems like obesity.

Grooming of Golden Retrievers

Seems like nothing with Golden Retrievers is easy (but it sure damn is worth it) because their long, beautiful coat comes at a price. It requires lots of brushing to maintain it’s condition. You should brush your Golden Retriever’s coat a minimum once a week, the ideal would be once a day. You should bathe your Golden at least once a month. Depending on how dirty he gets on hikes, you may have to bathe him more frequently.

For optimal Golden Retriever health, check your Golden Retriever’s nails once a month. Goldens tend to file down their nails when they exercise, but sometimes they do need a nail trim. Brushing their teeth 2-3 times a week will help prevent dental health issues by decreasing the buildup of tartar and bacteria.

But what about the history of Golden Retrievers and their background?

In Scotland during the 1800s, game was plentiful. Hunting was not just a way to get food anymore; it was a sport. Sir Dudley Courts Marjoribanks, a Scottish Lord, purchased the only yellow retriever in a litter of black retrievers and started training the dog for hunting.

At the time, yellow retrievers were not well-known, while black retrievers were extremely popular. Sir Dudley ended up purchasing more yellow retrievers and breeding them in an attempt to create the perfect hunting dog. He wanted an obedient dog who could quickly grab waterfowl for him and one that could also be a well-tempered family dog.

He bred his yellow retrievers with Tweed Water Spaniels, who were exceptional hunting dogs and good with the family. He also used wavy-coated retrievers, flat-coated retrievers, and red setters. His perfected breed gained a lot of attention in the hunting world and soon became a highly popular breed. In 1911, the Kennel Club in England recognized them as an official breed, and in 1920 they switched the name from Retriever, Golden or Yellow, to Golden Retriever.