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Pigmentary Uveitis: The disease of the Golden retriever

Pigmentary Uveitis: The disease of the Golden retriever

As they get older Golden retrievers tend to get quite sick. They are prone to different diseases such as the Golden Retriever Pigmentary Uveitis or GRPU for short. But what is GRPU? It is an inflammatory disease of the eye in Golden Retrievers.

It was first described in the scientific literature in 1996. Now it is recognized as a common health issue among the Golden Retrievers in the USA.

According to experts, the disease occurs equally in male and female dogs. It usually, but not always, affects both eyes.

GRPU is a heritable disease, however, the pattern of inheritance and underlying genetic cause(s) remain unknown. The problem with GRPU is also that it appears later in life. Affecting dogs at an average age of 8.5 years. This late age of onset represents one of the major challenges of GRPU, since, by the time of diagnosis, affected dogs may have already produced multiple offspring.

To learn more about GRPU please visit the American Kennel Club or click HERE.