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Reasons why your Golden retriever chews on everything

Reasons why your Golden retriever chews on everything

Many dog parents complain about their puppy or even grown dog chewing on everything! And I mean everything! The table, chairs, closet, whatever they can get their little teeth of destruction. But have you ever wondered why Golden Retrievers do that?

Well, first you must know that not every dog will chew for each of these reasons, but they can be a guideline for you as you try and seek the underlying issue.

  • Teething pain – As these first teeth come in, puppies will chew to try and alleviate the pain.
  • Medical/Mental issues – Less commonly, a dog might chew as the result of a medical issue (perhaps an oral disease), or a mental disorder, like OCD.
  • Mild anxiety – When a dog is frightened, upset, or nervous, it may chew as a method of self-soothing, or distract itself.
  • Exploration – Puppies learn about the world through chewing, much as human babies do. Unfortunately, puppies get their teeth very early on!
  • Lack of training – If a puppy isn’t taught what is and is not okay to chew on, you can’t expect it to figure it out as an adult!
  • Seeking attention – A dog that feels neglected may engage in destructive chewing (and other undesirable habits) to get its owner’s attention, even if it’s negative.
  • Boredom – A puppy or adult dog may start chewing to keep occupied if it has nothing else to do.

It is also very important to state that this chewing doesn’t have to be such a bad thing, and you shouldn’t try to stop it altogether. Reasons for that being it relieves pain, educates, entertains, and even cleans your puppy’s teeth. What you want to do is stop your Retriever from chewing on things you’d rather keep intact, like shoes, rugs, and furniture.