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Road Trip Season Is Coming: Can My Dog Get Carsick?

Road Trip Season Is Coming: Can My Dog Get Carsick?

We are not the only ones that can experience a sudden feeling of uneasiness and nausea while driving in the back seat of a car. Your dog can get car sick too. There are several reasons as to why your dog might be feeling carsick.

The to main reasons are motion sickness and travel anxiety.

Motion sickness

Motion sickness can occur while your dog is traveling in any kind of moving vehicle. It happens as a result of signals your dog’s brain receives from his eyes, inner ears, muscles, and joints, not correlating with one another.

There are certain indicators that your golden retriever is experiencing motion sickness, some of them are: vomiting, whining, drooling, lip licking, feeling drowsy, pacing, and swallowing.

Travel anxiety

If your dog isn’t used to being in a car and going for a ride, travel anxiety can be a very common reason as to why he’s experiencing car sickness.

This can also be the case if your dog is only connecting negative events like going to the vet with car rides. Try making car rides a fun experience and make sure to also take your dog somewhere fun with your car so that they can connect some positive memories to it as well.

How to treat car sickness in dogs

The best solution is always to pull over and take him out for a walk. Fresh air and movement will help him calm down his nerves and bowels. Also make sure to always have some water to give to your dog.

You can also try some medication, but always ask your vet first!

Another thing you can do to help your carsick dog is to keep the temperature in the car cool and crack the windows open a bit.

Also make it as comfortable for your dog as possible by bringing some toys and treats.