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Safe Thanksgiving Foods You Can Give Your Dog Without Any Worry

Safe Thanksgiving Foods You Can Give Your Dog Without Any Worry

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, family getting together, there will be loads of delicious homemade food, meat, potatoes, salads, but every dog owner wonders on that day what of the Thanksgiving food is safe for my pet?

It’s a fact that not all Thanksgiving food is good for your dog. So, to be sure that your pup doesn’t get sick during the festivities, we made a list of foods you can give your dog without any worry, and the foods you definitely should not feed your dog to. 

Foods that are completely safe

Plain Sweet Potatoes 

Plain (so no fun toppings!) are completely fine. According to the American Kennel Club sweet potatoes are a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and beta-carotene! It contains everything that is good for your dog.

Plain Potatoes 

Just like sweet potatoes, your pup can have some regular potatoes too! But keep in mind they have to be completely plain. Your dog can’t have any mashed potatoes or scalloped potatoes!

Skinless Unseasoned Turkey

Your dog can eat turkey, just make sure it’s skinless and unseasoned! Maybe this doesn’t sound delicious to you, but your dog will love it!


Corn is another safe Thanksgiving food you can give our dog without any guilt. Just make sure it’s not on a cob because then it turns into a choking hazard.

Foods that are NOT safe for your dog


Stuffing has a ton of ingredients, like garlic, onions, raisins, and various seasonings, that are very harmful to dogs. 


Even though turkey is usually served on Thanksgiving, there are families that also serve ham. So if it’s on your menu this year, just make sure your dog doesn’t get any.

Pumpkin Pie and any other pie filling

Pumpkin pie is definitely a huge NO! It usually contains nutmeg, which “can be toxic for dogs”, according to Southern Living.

However, you can give your dog pumpkin puree.