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Service Dog Nala Is Disney’s Most Favorite Dog

Service Dog Nala Is Disney’s Most Favorite Dog

Three year old Nala is a service dog and helps out her owner Megan Leigh who has autism and PTSD. Nala has been selflessly by Megan’s side for more than two years, and to reward Nala’s hard work Megan takes Nala from time to time to Disneyland.

At Disneyland Nala is living her best life. She loves to meet all of the princesses, and even met her all time favorite Disney character- Donald Duck! She even rested her head on his lap while he was giving her cuddles.

To follow the heartwarming adventures of Nala and her owner Megan, make sure to follow Nala on Instagram, where her owner posts regularly about their visits to Disney and other fun activities.

We are sure that you will love her account just as much as we did!