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Unmistakable signs you are a crazy Golden retriever person (and are proud of it)

Unmistakable signs you are a crazy Golden retriever person (and are proud of it)

I can’t deny it, I LOVE, no I AM OBSESSED, with Golden retrievers. I mean what is there not to love? They give the best cuddles, they are the best nap buddies, and overall make me a happier person. So why should I not be crazy about them?

I know there are other people out there who love Goldens just as much as I do, that’s why I made a list of seven clear, unmistakable signs that you too are indeed a crazy Golden retriever person and that you will never be able to resist them even if they’re not your dog.

Saying „Hi“ to every Golden retriever you see on the street is a MUST

You know you have a problem when you can’t pass by a Golden retriever without saying „Hello” or „Hi“ and even play with them for a little bit. Maybe you even carry treats if you accidentally encounter one to give them for simply existing on this planet.

Your Golden is your child. Period!

No matter what someone says, your Golden is and will forever be your baby. A Japanese study has found that the bond owners have with their dogs is very much the same as the one formed between parents and children. And so it shouldn’t be surprising at all that you treat your golden retriever as your child and your kids.

You can’t resist buying everything Golden retriever themed

No matter if it’s a book, a toy, or an ugly Christmas sweater with Goldens as reindeer on it you’ll buy everything Golden themed. Even your car is decorated so that all other drivers know who’s your dog. And when it comes to movies, you can’t resist watching one with a golden retriever even if you are not such a big fan of the genre.

You educate yourself about them

You spend hours online reading about Golden retrievers with the goofiest smiles on your face. But it’s understandable, you want to stay informed about the latest happenings in the pet world. After all, you want to provide your best friend with the highest quality of care and affection.

You constantly post photos of them

You joined dozens of Golden retriever pages on Facebook, and you even post your Golden all the time on your own social media. You can’t resist taking pictures of them all the time and, showing the world how cute and smart your Golden is.