Shelter Refuses to Return Lost Golden Retriever to Family And They Said They Had a Good Reason

Last Updated on February 21, 2021 by Jackie Castle

A family found themselves in a pretty terrible position after they lost their Golden retriever.

The situation got worse after the family decided to sue a local animal shelter they claim renamed their lost Golden retriever and then refused to return him.

Shelter, named Grand Strand Golden Retriever Rescue (GSGRR), located in Horry County, South Carolina, is accused by Kristal Butts and her husband Jeremy of keeping hold of their dog Ogie since he was found by a local shelter in December 2019.

According to the Butts family, he was renamed Hampton by workers.

But the story got even weirder, after the shelter counter-sue the Butts, claiming they had paid a $3,000 vet’s bill after the dog appeared to have been hit by a car.

Shelter workers also accuse Kristal, who is a dog breeder, of mistreating Ogie. On the other side, the Butts family strongly denies all the accusations and insists the dog is their personal pet.

Ogi left his home on Christmas Eve 2019. and Butts family started the search immediately for their lost pet. The next day they have discovered that Ogi has been taken in by a local animal shelter.

Kristal told ABC15 that she went to PAWS on December 27, only to discover that Ogie had been incorrectly transferred to GSGRR, a rescue center that specializes in rehoming his breed. The Butts first sued the charity in January last year. The rescuers say Ogie did not have a collar or tag, and that he had not been fitted with an identifying microchip. Kristal Butt says she simply wants Ogie returned. But its countersuit seeks cash for Ogie’s medical treatment and board. A jury will decide the outcome of the case at a trial scheduled for May.

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