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Should I Let My Golden Retriever to Run Beside Me While I Ride a Bike?

Should I Let My Golden Retriever to Run Beside Me While I Ride a Bike?

Is it a good idea to have her my Golden retriever beside me while I ride a bike. This would not be an intensive run, but rather a light jog for about half an hour every day?

Here’s what experts say about that:

  • Golden Retrievers are patient and good dogs, eager for endless play with the owner and other family members. This breed of dog is friendly to both humans and other pets. Also, they are easy to raise and train, they are characterized by a large appetite and they love to lie around.

However, this breed of dog needs a lot of space and that is why it is much better to provide the dog with plenty of outdoor space.

Namely, the aforementioned trait, as well as the ease with which it can be trained, combined with their great intelligence and adaptability, have made the golden retrievers into perfect working dogs, and they cover a lot of different areas such as search and rescue, guide dogs for the blind, therapy dogs etc.

This breed is also characterized by their great need for movement and exercise. For this reason, they fit in extremely well with active households. They often enjoy running, hiking or even swimming with their owners.

Therefore, a light half hour jog while the owner rides on their bike should not be an issue at all. However, try to introduce the pet gradually to this activity to prevent possible injuries, raise their level of fitness, and have the pet get accustomed to the manner and pace of your bike rides. Also, try to take frequent breaks and provide sufficient amounts of drinking water, to make sure that your pet is not jeopardized by the heat and the sun.

Overall, when you do such an activity with your pup, make sure to let your dog determine the pace and the intensity of the exercise.